Booking & Use

Studio rules

  • Do not move or reposition the 25.4 array loudspeakers in any way. The system is calibrated to exact positions. 

  • No food in the studio. Drinks should be in container with lid and kept away from computers and equipment. Please clean up. Take trash to bins outside of studio.

  • The permitted types of studio work are computer-based / electronic media production.

  • The studio is a clean space. No materials or tools that produce dust or fumes are allowed. Fabrication should be done elsewhere.

  • Do not hang anything from the ceiling grid or speakers.

  • Do not pin, tape, or mount anything in any way to the walls or acoustic panels.

  • Do not leave or store anything in the studio. Items left will be discarded.

  • Do not remove equipment or furniture from the studio.

  • The tables and chairs in the seminar area can be rearranged to accommodate usage needs. Please return to default state.

  • Installations require special permission from studio management and coordination with faculty of studio courses.

  • Work conducted in the studio may not cause or threaten physical harm to its occupants, equipment, or facilities.

  • Failure to adhere to these policies can result in revoked access.


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  • Use of the studio is restricted to students enrolled in hosted courses and the associated faculty and staff.

  • Use of the studio must be scheduled with the reservation system. Reservations can be made up until the current time. People that drop-in without making a reservation can be bumped.

  • Access to studio and reservation system is only granted after an introductory lesson as part of course lessons.


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  • There is no on-call support for 25.4 loudspeaker array. Submit a support ticket if a problem occurs.

  • As part of coursework, students must learn to troubleshoot common problems.

  • By submitting a ticket, you will alert studio management of problems encountered. These will be addressed as soon as possible. Support tickets are reviewed daily.